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How to read fast

You can learn speed reading with only a text editor. Or you can use a pen and paper. You will write without subvocalization.

English is very fit for speed reading. You will learn it soon. But it's not enough. You should improve your comprehension.

Writing will improve your reading comprehension. Read, write, and speak many sentences. Imagine structures and relationships.

  • Typing and Speed Reading
  • Subvocalization
  • Reading Multiple Lines
  • Reading Comprehension
  • For Learners of English
  • Writing Training
  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Graph, Diagram, Chart
  • Vocabulary
  • Typing and Speed Reading

    Write short words repeatedly

    Start a text editor and change the font size. Or you can use a pen and paper.

    Type a 2-letter-word repeatedly like this image.


    Type a 3-letter-word.


    Type a 4-letter-word.


    And type other 2-letter word. Repeat from 2 letters to 4 letters many times.

    You don't have to type quickly. And you don't have to type long words.


    This is a training about subvocalization. You will get tired of typing. And you will type without internal speech.

    Reading Multiple Lines

    Write sentences with line breaks

    Write a short sentence with line breaks like this image.

    reading multiple lines

    This is a training about reading multiple lines. You will read lines at once. Write more sentences with line breaks.

    Reading Comprehension

    You should improve your comprehension. Read, write, speak, and listen more sentences.

    Improve your vocabulary and knowledge. Read Wikipedia and dictionaries. Read articles about things you already know.

    Learn proper nouns and read news. Learn grammar and linguistics.

    For Learners of English

    You should read sentences without translation. Read, understand, think in English. Speed reading and writing training will help you.

    There are many websites and tools written in English. You should learn English in English.

    Wikipedia has many articles about English language. And there is the Simple English edition.

    Writing Training

    Writing training improves your reading comprehension. Write many simple sentences. Write with your imagination.


    First, imagine the structure of sentence. And write simple sentences.

    English has regular word order. Learn basic sentence patterns.


    Next, Imagine relationships. And write sentences.

    Visualize the agent and the patient, the subject and the object, the speaker and the listener. Imagine their relation, position, purpose, motive, etc.

    And think about information structure. Visualize topic and comment, focus and background, given and new. Imagine what the reader want to know.


    Imagine more complicated relationships.

    Learn various genre of writing. Learn relationships and structures.


    Use various images. And write various sentences.


    Learn the relationship between the pronunciation and the spelling. It will help you learn words and inflection.

    English has many rules and exceptions.

    English pronunciation

    You should practice with vowels, consonants, syllables, words, and sentences. They have their own rules.


    Learn the structure of syllable.

    Practice speaking and writing in the same way.


    Imagine the structure of sentence, paragraph, text, book, etc.

    paragraph structure

    Make a graphic organizer in your mind. And write titles, subheads, and indexes.

    Learn various genres and styles. Write a news, article, essay, novel, etc.

    Imagine the structure of music, movie, game, etc.

    Graph, Diagram, Chart

    Imagine graphs, diagrams, charts, maps, etc. And write sentences.

    Study mathematics, science, geography, history, law, economics, etc. Learn how they illustrate with a picture.

    Look up names of countries and cities with Google Maps. Make maps in your mind.


    Learn words with etymology. Look up words with Wiktionary. Learn origin words, root words, and affixes words.

    Read news, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. And learn how to write articles.