Your Language: English

Speed Reading in Multiple Languages

Hello. I'm Hiro, just a learner of English. I study multiple languages with speed reading.

You can learn speed reading with only a text editor. Or you can use pen and paper. You will read sentences without subvocalization.

You can learn any languages with speed reading. There are many websites, textbooks, dictionaries, and tools.

Writing training will improve your reading comprehension. Learn how to write sentences. Write in various genres.


English is very fit for speed reading. Improve your knowledge and comprehension.

Multiple Languages

Italic and Germanic

These languages are very similar to English. Try to read without translation.

Latin Alphabet

You can type, read and write them easily.

Other Writing System

You can learn any languages with speed reading.

Learn the writing system with typing. And learn the grammar with romanization.

Learn and compare multiple languages. It will improve your skill in English.

Learn communication skills. Communication improves comprehension.