How to read Japanese fast

You need only a pen or text editor. Write letters and words many times. You will read and write without subvocalization.

Japanese is very different from English and very difficult to read. .It has various characters and writing styles.

Learn the characters with typing, handwriting, and the pronunciation.

  • Romaji
  • Hiragana
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Handwriting
  • Pronunciation
  • Kanji
  • Listening
  • Writing Training
  • Manga
  • Romaji

    Learn romaji with typing. Most romaji are simple combinations such as "consonant + vowel". Learn some short words.


    Type short words like these images. Repeat from 1 syllable to 3 syllables. You don't have to type long words.

    This is a training about subvocalization. You will get tired of typing. And you will type without internal speech.


    Write simple sentences with line breaks. This is a training about reading multiple lines.

    There are some styles of romanization. Choose the style used in your textbook.


    Install the Japanese keyboard layout. Japanese IME has several modes. You can easily switch from Hiragana to Katakana or English.


    Type short words like these images. Type 1-3 letters repeatedly. You don't have to type long words.


    Write simple sentences with line breaks.

    Microsoft IME has "no conversion mode". If you want to practice Hiragana specially, choose this mode. You can type Hiragana without Kanji conversion.

    Japanese IME has direct input mode. You can switch Japanese and English easily. Practice in both Hiragana and Romaji

    Reading Comprehension

    Learn characters and read websites.

    There are few websites written with Romaji or Furigana. You should learn Kanji to read Japanese websites.

    Study Japanese

    English Wiktionary has much information about Japanese characters and words. There are some list for learner.

    Appendix:Japanese Swadesh list - Wiktionary

    NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) has some contents for learners. You can learn Japanese in English and read news in easy Japanese.

    NHK WORLD-JAPAN Learn Japanese

    Read Japanese Wikipedia. Compare Japanese and English pages. Read articles about countries.

    国の一覧 - Wikipedia

    Names of counties and regions are usually written in Katakana. It will be easy to learn Katakana words.

    Read books, news, and websites. Increase your knowledge and vocabulary.


    Handwriting is important to learn characters. Write simple characters many times. Use a pen, mouse, or your finger.

    First, write some one stroke characters. And then, write two strokes characters. You don't have to write complicated characters.

    Katakana is more simple and similar to kanji.


    Learn hiragana characters with their pronunciations. A character corresponds a syllable. The syllables have simple structures.

    Google Translate shows sounds and Romanization.


    Kanji and many words are from Chinese. Each character has multiple readings and meanings. Most of Japanese words are written with Kanji and Hiragana.

    Learn characters with Wiktionary. It includes glyph origin, etymology, pronunciation, definition, etc.


    There are some text-to-speech tools and automatic captions. But they are not perfect in Japanese.

    You can watch news with scripts on some TV media websites.


    You can watch news with automatic captions on YouTube. But automatic captions often misrepresent in Japanese.

    ANNnewsCH - YouTube

    Writing Training

    Writing training will improve your reading comprehension.

    Write simple sentences. Write with your imagination.


    Japanese has SOV and topic-comment structure. The word order is head final and left branching.

    The sentences are written without word dividers.

    Japanese is a pro-drop language. Subject and object pronouns can be omitted.

    And also Japanese is a topic-prominent language.


    Imagine some situations and relationships. Think about their relationships, positions, purposes, motives, etc.

    Learn Japanese honorifics. Write sentences in different styles. Use informal and polite, respect and humble, written and spoken languages.


    Use various images. Write various sentences.


    Manga is very fit for speed reading and Japanese language. Manga will help you learn Japanese.

    speech balloon

    Japanese is a topic-prominent language. And subjects and objects are often omitted in Japanese. But speech balloons show you who is speaking.


    The speeches in balloon are divided for readability.

    vertical writing

    Manga is written vertically. You can use vertical writing with some text editor.

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