How to read Greek fast


You need only a pen or text editor. Write letters and words many times. You will read and write without subvocalization.

Learn the Greek alphabet with typing and the pronunciation. And learn the grammar with the Latin alphabet. Practice with both alphabets.

Read Wikipedia. There are the Greek edition and the Ancient Greek test edition. Wiki sites have many contents written in Greek.

Learn grammar with simple sentences. Write and speak simple sentences. Greek has grammatical case and flexible order.

Writing training will improve your reading skills. Write many sentences. Write in various genres.

Greek has influenced many languages. English has many words of Greek origin. Learn origin words and cognate words. It is useful for learning other languages.

  • Typing and Speed Reading
  • Keyboard
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing Training
  • Grammar
  • Etymology
  • Other Languages
  • Typing and Speed Reading

    Learn typing and speed reading with a text editor. Maximize the font size. You can use pen and paper.

    Write alphabets and words repeatedly

    Greek 2 letter word
    Greek 3 letter word
    Greek 4 letter word

    Type alphabets randomly like these images. Type from 1 letter to 3 letters repeatedly. Learn the layout and the position.

    Learn some short words. Type from 2 letters to 4 letters many times. You don't have to type long words.

    This is a training about subvocalization. You will get tired of writing. And you will write without internal speech.

    Write sentences with line breaks

    reading multiple lines

    Write a short sentence like this. This is a training about reading multiple lines. You will read lines at once. Write sentences with line breaks.

    You should learn words with the pronunciation. Practice writing and speaking alternately.


    Add the Greek keyboard layout. If you study ancient Greek, you need to type diacritical marks.

    The Greek layout is very similar to the QWERTY layout. You will learn it soon.

    Reading Comprehension

    Learn characters and words. Read word lists and dictionaries.

    Appendix:Greek Swadesh list - Wiktionary

    Increase your knowledge and vocabulary. Read Greek Wikipedia.

    Κατάλογος χωρών - Βικιπαίδεια

    Read about countries and regions. It will helps you read news.

    Learn grammar and write sentences. Writing training improves your reading comprehension.

    Learn Greek in Greek. Learn multiple languages.

    Κατάλογος γλωσσών ανά αριθμό μητρικών ομιλητών - Βικιπαίδεια


    Learn the Greek alphabet with the pronunciation. Combine the Greek alphabet, the Latin alphabet, and the IPA symbol.

    Greek pronunciation

    Learn vowels and consonants with IPA symbols. Modern Greek pronunciation is simple.

    Learn the structure of syllable.

    You should practice with vowels, consonants, syllables, words, and sentences. They have their own rules.

    Writing Training

    Writing training improves your reading skills. Write many simple sentences.


    Learn the structure of sentence, clause, and phrase. There are some similarity with English.

    Greek has flexible word order. Practice with the SVO order.

    Adjectives are placed before the noun. Subject pronouns are often omitted.


    Imagine some situations and relationships. Think about their relationships, positions, purposes, motives, etc.

    Learn grammatical person, case, and tense.


    Use various images. Write various sentences.


    Greek grammar is complicated. It has grammatical case, gender, and aspect.

    Learn the grammar with writing and speaking. Write and speak simple sentences.

    Learn nouns with articles.

    Compare Greek case with English syntax. Compare Greek aspect with English tense.


    English has many words of Greek origin. Learn origin words, root words, and affixes.

    Look up English and Greek words with Wiktionary.

    Other Languages

    Many languages have words of Greek origin. Learn origin words, cognate words, and loanwords.

    Etymology is useful for learning multiple languages. Learn Latin, Greek, Arabic, Sanskrit, etc. And learn the relationship between languages.

    Learn other Languages

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