How to read French fast


French is very similar to English. At first, practice speed reading in English and read French. And then, practice in French.

You need only a pen or text editor. Write short words many times. You will read and write without subvocalization.

Read sentences without translation. Learn French in French.

Read French Wikipedia and news. Increase your vocabulary.

Writing training will improve your reading comprehension. Write many sentences.

  • Typing and Speed Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening
  • Keyboard
  • Writing Training
  • Translation Tools
  • Pronunciation
  • Etymology
  • Grammar
  • Dictionary
  • News
  • Learning Multiple Languages
  • Typing and Speed Reading

    You need only a text editor. Or you can use pen and paper. Start the text editor and change the font size.

    Write short words repeatedly


    Type short words like these images. Repeat from 2 letters to 4 letters. You don't have to type long words.

    This is a training about subvocalization. You will get tired of writing. And you will write without internal speech.

    Write sentences with line breaks

    reading multiple lines

    Write a short sentence like this image. This is a training about reading multiple lines. You will read lines at once. Write more sentences with line breaks.

    Reading Comprehension

    You will read and write more faster. Read many books and websites. Write many sentences.

    French pronunciation rules are complecated. Learn reading without subvocalization, and then learn listening with tools.

    French is very similar to English in reading. And both languages are suitable for speed reading. Try to read sentences without translation. Guess the meaning and the structure of the sentences.

    Read French Wikipedia. Increase your knowledge and vocabulary. Use Wiktionary and Google Translate. Learn French in French.

    Liste des pays du monde — Wikipédia(Wikipedia in French)

    Read French news. You can use news for listening practice.

    Yahoo Actualités(Yahoo News in French)

    Writing training improves your reading comprehension. Write many sentences. Write in various genres.

    Read about languages. Learn multiple languages, and then learn English and French again.

    Liste de langues par nombre total de locuteurs — Wikipédia


    French pronunciation rules are complicated. Learn listening with tools and videos. And then, learn pronunciation and speaking.

    Read French news with a text-to-speech tool. And watch news on YouTube with automatic captions.

    TV5MONDE Info - YouTube

    Automatic captions are added on TV5MONDE Info, Africa24, RTI, etc.

    Africa 24 - YouTube

    Watch other videos without captions.

    FRANCE 24 - YouTube


    French has letters of é,à,è,ù,â,ê,î,ô,û,ë,ï,ü,ÿ,ç,æ,œ. You have to add a language or a keyboard layout to your PC. If you want QWERTY order, use Canada multilingual layout.

    I use US International layout. It has letters of French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, and more. But it doesn't have the "œ" letter.

    Canada Multilingual layout supports more languages. But you need to use Right-Ctrl key in some languages.

    Writing Training

    Writing training will improve your reading comprehension. Write many sentences.


    Imagine the structure of sentence, clause, and phrase. Compare them with English.

    French has a SVO word order. Adjectives usually come after the nouns they modify. Object pronouns come before verbs.


    Imagine some situations and relationships.

    Think about their relationships, positions, purposes, motives, etc.

    Learn personal pronouns and tense. Verbs are conjugated to person.

    French has a T-V distinction.


    Write narrations and novels.

    Learn various genre of writing. Learn relationships and structures.


    Use various images. And write various sentences.

    Translation Tools

    French is very similar to English. Translation tools work well. Sometimes tools translate word for word, but it is good for learning grammars.

    Write English sentences in Google Translate. Compare English sentences with French sentences.

    You can read definitions of words. Read the definition in English and French.

    Learn the grammars and compare the languages. French has plural forms of articles.

    French uses "tu" and "vous" as second person singular. "vous" is also used as second person plural. English uses only "you". So they are not translated well.

    Read French sites with translation tools.


    Learn the relationship between the spelling and the pronunciation. .French has many rules.

    french pronunciation

    And you have to practice with symbols, syllables, words, and sentences. They have their own rules.

    Learn vowels and consonants with IPA symbols. French has many vowels. Observe your pronunciation. Imagine your tongue and lips.


    Imagine the structure of the syllable.

    Use an online dictionary. Compare the spelling and phonetic symbols.

    And you have to learn liaison and elision. Google Translate shows sounds of words and sentences.


    Learn origin words, root words, and affixes words. French has many words of Latin origin. Use Wiktionary.

    English also has many words of French and Latin origin. Learn origin words, cognate words, and loanwords.


    Learn grammar with simple sentences. Write and speak many sentences.

    Compare the French syntax with the English syntax.

    Nouns have grammatical gender. Learn nouns with articles.

    Articles has plural forms. The definite article is used with abstract nouns.

    Verbs are conjugated depend on grammatical person.


    Try to use French-French dictionary. When you look up a French word in a French-English dictionary, continuously look up the word in a French-French dictionary.

    And write definitions of words like a dictionary. It improves your dictionary skills.

    You can use Google Translate as a dictionary. It shows definitions of words in English and French.


    Read and watch French news. I read Yahoo Actualités. I watch FRANCE24 and franceinfo.

    Yahoo News sites have similar design and categories. Read "Monde" category. Google News has French news in several countries.

    Learn proper nouns with Wikipedia. Read articles about countries.

    Learning Multiple Languages

    French is similar to other Romance languages. You can learn Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese efficiently. Read Wikipedia and Yahoo News in these languages.

    English and Romance languages have vocabulary from Latin. Latin has flexible word order but you can guess the meaning of sentences. Read Latin Wikipedia.

    English is similar to Romance languages and Germanic languages. Learn German, Dutch, Swedish, etc. They have V2 word order.

    Learn other Languages

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