How to read Esperanto fast

You need only a pen or text editor. Write short words many times. You will read and write without subvocalization.

Esperanto is a constructed language. It is easy to learn. And it is fit for speed reading.

The grammar and vocabulary are influenced by Romance languages. You can learn them effectively with suffixes.

There are few websites written in Esperanto. But you can read the Esperanto edition of Wikipedia.

Writing training will improve your reading skills. Visualize structures and relationships. Write diagrams, captions, and descriptions. And write many sentences.

  • Typing and Speed Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Keyboard
  • Writing Training
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Etymology
  • Typing and Speed Reading

    Learn typing and speed reading with a text editor. Or you can use pen and paper.

    Write short words repeatedly

    esperanto 2 letter word
    esperanto 3 letter word
    esperanto 4 letter word

    Write short words like these images. Write 2-4-letter-words repeatedly. You don't have to write long words.

    This is a training about subvocalization. You will get tired of writing. And you will write without internal speech.

    Write sentences with line breaks

    reading multiple lines

    Next, write a sentence like this. This is a training about reading multiple lines. You will read lines at once. Write sentences with line breaks.

    Reading Comprehension

    You have to improve your reading comprehension. Read many books and websites. Write many sentences.

    Esperanto is similar to Romance and Germanic languages. Try to read sentence without translation. Guess the meaning from the context.

    There are few websites. Read Esperanto Wikipedia. Use English Wiktionary. increase your vocabulary.

    Listo de sendependaj ŝtatoj - Vikipedio

    The grammar is more simple. The inflections are regular.

    Writing training improves your reading comprehension. Write many sentences. Write in various genres.


    Esperanto has the letters of ĉ, ĝ, ĥ, ĵ, ŝ, and ŭ. Canadian multilingual keyboard has these letters.

    Or you can use digraphs. There are "h-convention" and "x-convention" principally.

    Writing Training

    Writing training improves your reading skills. Write many sentences.


    Learn the structure of sentence, clause, and phrase.

    Esperanto has free word order. Practice with the SVO order. And learn the topic-comment structure.


    Imagine some situations and relationships.

    Think about their relationships, positions, purposes, motives, etc.


    Use various images. Write various sentences.


    The pronunciation is simple and similar to Slavic languages.


    Combine the letter and the IPA and the sound.

    Google Translate shows the sound.


    Esperanto has grammatical case and no gender.

    Suffixes indicate parts of speech and inflections.

    Esperanto has a definite article "la" and no indefinite article.


    Learn words with etymology. Use Wiktionary.

    Many words are borrowed from European languages.

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