How to read Arabic fast

You need only a pen or text editor. Write letters and words many times. You will read and write without subvocalization.

You have to learn the Arabic alphabet. It is very different from the Latin alphabet. Learn them with typing and romanization.

In Arabic, short vowels are not written. Learn words with diacritics and romanization. Use Wiktionary.

Read Arabic Wikipedia. Increase your vocabulary. Read and watch news.

Writing training will improve your reading skills. Write many sentences. Write in various genres.

  • Typing and Speed Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Pronunciation
  • Root words
  • Writing Training
  • Grammar
  • Maltese
  • News
  • Learning Multiple Languages
  • Typing

    Learn the isolated forms and the keyboard layout. Install an Arabic keyboard layout and start a text editor. Maximize the font size.

    arabic isolated 1letter
    arabic isolated 2letters
    arabic isolated 3letters

    Type letters randomly like these images. Type isolated forms with spaces. Repeat from 1 letter to 3 letters.

    Next, learn other forms.

    arabic other forms

    Type the same letter like this image.

    Learn forms and words with romanization. Dictionaries write words with vowel marks and the Latin alphabet.

    Speed reading

    Write short words and short sentences.

    Write words repeatedly

    arabic word1letter
    arabic word2letters
    arabic word3letters

    Learn some short words. Type short words like these images. Type 1-3 letters repeatedly. You don't have to type long words.

    This is a training about subvocalization. You will write words without internal speech.

    Write sentences with line breaks

    arabic sentence

    Write short sentences with line breaks. This is a training about reading multiple lines. You will read lines at once.


    Practice with the Latin alphabet.

    Reading Comprehension

    It is difficult to read Arabic. You need some steps.

    Learn alphabets and words. Read books and websites. And write many sentences.

    Learn alphabets and words with romanization. Wiktionary writes Arabic words with vowel marks and the Latin alphabet. And it has a Swadesh list and some word lists.

    Appendix:Arabic Swadesh list - Wiktionary

    Learn grammar with romanization. Learn inflections with the Latin alphabet.

    You can read Arabic without pronunciation. Read many words and sentences with Google Translate. And read without translation.

    Read Arabic Wikipedia. Choose your favorite categories. You don't have to understand perfectly. Guess the meaning from the context.

    قائمة الدول - ويكيبيديا

    Increase your knowledge and vocabulary. Read and watch news.

    الجزيرة نت: آخر أخبار اليوم حول العالم

    Read pages about languages. Compare Arabic with other languages.

    قائمة اللغات حسب عدد متحدثيها الأصليين - ويكيبيديا

    Learn how to write sentences. Writing training improves your reading comprehension.


    Learn Arabic pronunciation with the Arabic alphabet, the Latin alphabet, and the IPA symbol.

    Arabic has only three short vowels. But they are not written. And there are many dialects.

    Learn consonants and vowels with IPA symbols. And Learn basic words with Wiktionary.


    You should always imagine the structure of syllable. It is more simple than in English.

    Root words

    Most of Arabic words have a root word. A root word is made of three consonants. It defines basic meaning of the word.

    Most of words are made of a root word, vowels, and affix words. Vowels are inflected depending on grammatical case, gender, number, person, tense, etc..

    Use Wiktionary. You can learn root words and derived terms.

    Writing Training

    Writing training improves your reading comprehension. Write many sentences.


    Learn the structure of sentence, clause, and phrase.

    Learn the word order VSO and SVO. There is a difference in subject-verb agreement.


    Imagine some situations and relationships.

    Think about their relationships, positions, purposes, motives, etc.


    Use various images. Write various sentences.


    Arabic has grammatical case, gender, and complicated inflection.

    It is difficult to learn inflection with the Arabic alphabet.

    Compare the grammatical case with the English syntax.


    Maltese is very similar to Arabic and written in Latin alphabet. It will help you learn Arabic with romanization.

    Read the Maltese edition of Wikipedia. And use Google Translate.


    There are many Arabic news on the web. I read Aljazeera and Google News.

    Learn proper nouns with Arabic Wikipedia.

    BBC, Euronews, France24, and DW have contents in Arabic.

    Learning Multiple Languages

    Arabic is important to learn multiple languages. Learn the Arabic alphabet and vocabulary. Many languages have words of Arabic origin.

    Persian and Urdu are written in the Arabic script.

    You can learn other abjads and abugidas with romanization. Hindi and Bengali have many speakers. And these languages are influenced by Persian and Arabic.

    Learn classical languages. Learn classical and modern Latin, Greek, Chinese, and Sanskrit.

    Learn other Languages

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