Your Language: English

Speed Reading in Multiple Languages

Hello, I'm Hiro. I show you how to learn multiple languages with speed reading.

I use speed reading for thirty years. Now I use it for learning languages.

You can learn speed reading soon. You need only a pen or text editor.

You will read sentences without subvocalization. Writing training improves your reading comprehension.

You can learn multiple languages without confusion. Learn various grammars, writing systems, pronunciations, etc. And learn the relationships between languages.


English is very suitable for speed reading. Increase your knowledge and vocabulary. Improve your reading comprehension and writing skills.

English is important to learn other languages. Use Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Google Translate efficiently.

Italic and Germanic

These languages are very similar to English. Try to read them without translation. Compare them with English.

Romance languages are very similar to English in reading. They have SVO word order and vocabulary of Latin origin.

Germanic languages have V2 word order. Guess the meaning and structure of sentences.

Latin Alphabet

Learn various languages and grammatical features. It improves your reading skills.

Learn topic and focus, animacy, noun class, evidentiality, thematic relation, etc.

Indonesian has simple grammar and no diacritical mark.

Other Alphabets

Learn other alphabets with romanization. Greek and Cyrillic are similar to Latin.

Other Writing System

You can learn any languages with speed reading.

Learn letters with typing and handwriting. And learn words with romanization.

Learn grammar with the Latin alphabet. And learn pronunciation with IPA.

Learning Multiple Languages

Learn and compare multiple languages. It improves your skill in English.

Learn history and geography. Specialized knowledge and proper nouns are useful in any languages.

Learn linguistics. Learn the relationships and similarity of languages.

Some languages use multiple writing systems. Serbian Wikipedia uses the Latin and Cyrillic scripts. Azerbaijani Wikipedia uses the Latin script, while South Azerbaijani Wikipedia uses The Arabic script.