Speed Reading in Multiple Languages

Hello, I'm Hiro. I study multiple languages with speed reading.

I use speed reading for thirty years. Now I read 5 languages and study more languages.

You can learn speed reading easily. You need only a pen or a text editor.

You will read sentences without subvocalization. Reading and writing improve your comprehension.

You can learn any language with speed reading. Read, write, listen, and speak many sentences. Learn and compare multiple languages.


English is very suitable for speed reading. Read many books and websites. Increase your knowledge and vocabulary.

Writing training improves your reading comprehension. Learn grammar and writing skills. Consider structures and relationships.

Romance and Germanic

These languages are very similar to English. Read them without translation. Compare them with English.

Romance languages are very similar to English in reading. They have SVO word order and vocabulary of Latin origin.

In English and French, subject pronouns are not omitted. They have similar structures of sentence.

It is easy to learn listening Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. The relationships between the spelling and the pronunciation are simple.

Learn Latin with Romance languages. They have many words derived from Latin. Latin has flexible word order.

Germanic languages are also similar to English. But they have V2 word order.

German has a case system and different word order.. Guess the meaning and structure of sentences.

Esperanto is a constructed language. It is easy to learn and similar to Romance and Germanic languages.

Latin Alphabet

Learn various languages and grammatical features. It improves your reading skills.

Learn topic and focus, animacy, noun class, evidentiality, thematic relation, etc.

Indonesian has simple grammar and uses no diacritical mark.

Other Alphabets

Learn other alphabets with romanization.

The Greek alphabet is very similar to the Latin alphabet. Greek had influenced many languages.

Russian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet. Learn Russian with other Slavic languages. Serbian uses both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

Other Writing System

You can learn any languages with speed reading.

Learn letters with typing and handwriting. And learn words with romanization.

Learn grammar with the Latin alphabet. And learn pronunciation with IPA.

Turkic languages have words derived from Arabic and Persian. Some languages use the Cyrillic and Arabic scripts.

Chinese character is very suitable for speed reading. Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese are influenced by Chinese character.

Learning Multiple Languages

Learn and compare multiple languages. It improves your skill in English.

Learn countries of the world. Specialized knowledge and proper nouns are useful in any languages.

Learn linguistics. Learn the relationships and similarity of languages.

Multilingual Website

I study multiple languages and translate this site to some languages.

My first language is Japanese. Japanese is very different with other languages.

It is difficult to translate Japanese to other languages. And it is also difficult to teach Japanese in other languages.

I study English mainly. I write pages in English and translate them to some languages.

Romance languages are similar to English. I pay attention to definite articles and second personal pronouns.

German has different word order. I use simple sentences.

Swedish and Danish are similar to English. I pay attention to plural and definite forms.

Indonesian has simple grammar and some similarity with English. It has many Internet users.

I use Traditional Chinese characters. They are easy to read for Japanese.


Your Language: English